April 2020 Community Development Report

With the pandemic which is rife in the world. we in Haiti are not spared. For more than a month, the government had decreed a state of health emergency in the country. The churches and schools remain closed. We are working with people to be cautions and vigilant. “The disease exists. it is in the country you must protect yourself” is our slogan.

Many parish activities, are at a standstill, however we are meeting with the Pastor for caritas. A distribution of kits from Gift of the Heart is underway. In addition, I met with a group of women of Noyau within the framework of the activities in order to continue to educate them on the disease Covid-19 for their protection and for that of those around them. I taught them how to wash their hands and they shared their concern for the shortage of portable water. I gave them advice about water treatment. Mr. Maurisette reassured them that soon they will have drinking water because the project is underway. We have distributed masks to the groups of the St Louis parish of Noyau and Mirebalais.

–information from Vivaldie M. Marseille