August 2020 Community Development Report

Updates from Vivaldie W. Marseille

Girls’ Empowerment Group in Mirebalais: On August 5,2020, we had a training session with the Girls’ Empowerment on the topic of understanding friendliness. Indeed, we have defined the conviviality which is the existing relationship between the individuals of a community. We have seen the importance of conviviality in human development. We spoke about the development of man as a constructive agent of his future. The participants
understand that it is important to live in community. Some of them testified that often time they tear each other apart for personal causes, selfishness and so on. We helped them understand how important it is to care for another in order to foster community change. There is a saying that goes: Man is the agent of his future; we must work to build your future. We ended the session with some fun such as rope jumping, dancing, so everyone went home with a happy face.

In Noyau: We had several sessions with the children at Noyau. Indeed, these sessions were very practical. They learned how to make sandals out of card stock.

The Women’s Group in Noyau: On August 30,2020 we had a training session with the SOFADEM group. The subject discussed was: ‚ÄúViolence on women, cause and consequences”. Haiti is a country that often experiences socio-political upheavals; often times, these catastrophic situations lead to violence on minority groups especially in disadvantaged neighborhood. Women are the most vulnerable as they are victim of rape, and other
physical violence. Statistics show that approximately 273200 Women are victims of domestic and sexual violence between the ages 14 and 49 years old each year. This very delicate phenomenon should attract the attention of everyone in order to provide an adequate response to resolve the problem. But, very unfortunately, the Haitian government is not really doing much to cope with this alarming situation among the population.

This training session provided an opportunity for open discussion that participants eagerly took part in.

In Boyer we have activity sessions on making suitcases a diction game. The
children look forward to these sessions.