May 2019 Community Development Report

Women’s group In Noyau: 

  • To celebrate the Mother’s Day during the last Sunday of May, A movie screening was organized for the mothers and gift were distributed to them.
  • Two sessions of Timbo Yoga were organized during the month and included discussions about confidence and about compassion.
  • All the women have paid their 5th partial payment during the month and they are one month away from finishing the contract.

Girls Empowerment Program

We are meeting with two groups of girls, ages 10-16. During our sessions this month we talked about ways for the girls to communicate with their parents and they gained skills to communicate effectively with their parents. We talked about knowing yourself and analyses parent structure where The girls are learning about the different aspects of themselves and gaining communication skills as well as conflict resolution skills. We also gave some of the girls the opportunity to recite a poem, sing a song, or give a joke.

–information from Golds Mithe Joseph