December 2020 Goat Report

In addition to the monthly routine visits to the chapel communities involved in the goat program, Brevil made a few more visits related to health issues of the goats: two additional visits to take care of sick goats in Desvarieux, two additional visits in Noyau and one in Boyer for a special meeting with participants that are being reluctant to show up for their monthly goat meetings. Overall, the program is in good shape. Brevil will continue his efforts to maintain the success of the program in all four chapel communities and to also overcome difficulties related to
active participation of members in regards to monthly meetings and during inoculations of their goats.

Of note:

  • Noyau farmers have a total of 196 goats.
  • Boyer farmers have a total of 93 goats.
  • Desvarieux farmers have a total of 142 goats.
  • Feja farmers have a total of 59 goats.