May 2020 Goat Report

Follow up visits occurred with goat farmers of the program in their respective communities, while following the preventive recommendations against COVID-19. We continue to regroup farmers in small groups of less than 10 people at different locations within their community so that we can do our job. Some participants are still reluctant to come to meetings even if these smaller groups.

We discussed the overall health of the goats, food, water, and shelter, and talked about the importance of daily observation of the goats especially when they leave the shelters in the morning and when they come back in the afternoon. We emphasize the importance of reproduction of the goats and payback that we believe are keys to the growth of the program in the communities.

  • In Noyau, goat farmers of our program have 222 goats in total for 53 active participants.
  • Goat farmers in the chapel community of Boyer own together 82 goats.
  • Goat farmers in Feja currently have 66 goats in total, 10 males, 32 females, and 21 females of breeding age.
  • In Desvarieux, they have in total 142 goats.
  • Presently, the goat program is closed of Coupe Gorge due to lack of interest in the community.