About Church of the Assumption

Assumption Parish has been in partnership with parishes in Haiti since 2000. It grew out of our response to the “Gospel Call” to reach out to those in need, the poorest of the poor. Our mission has been to bring friendship and hope to those most in need through their local parish communities in Haiti.  In 2012, the parish announced a refocus of efforts in Haiti, along with parishes in Wisconsin.  This was with the guidance of Fr. Leveque Bien-Aime, a Haitian priest known by parish members since 2004.  In September 2011 Fr. Leveque was assigned to a location just outside of the Thomazeau area, called Mirebalais.

During a January 2012 mission trip to Haiti, we were invited by Fr. Leveque to travel to Mirebalais and the poor rural community of Noyau. It is here that Fr. Leveque has been working to help build and secure the Chapel of Our Lady of Deliverance.  He had a vision for a local school, clean water and working to improve agricultural methods used. Fr. Leveque wanted to develop a goat program so families could raise goats to sell, therefore enabling them to cover the cost of tuition to educate their children. A family’s ability to raise funds on their own will bring greater dignity and greater opportunity to educate their children.

It was Fr. Leveque’s vision for a better, self sustaining Haiti that lead us to this new effort.

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