About Hands and Hearts with Haiti

Our Mission

Hands and Hearts with Haiti is a united, multi parish partnership rooted in mutual trust and respect. Together we seek beneficial, self-sustainable opportunities that best meet the needs of our brothers and sisters of St. Louis Parish, Mirebalais, its chapel communities, and all members of this partnership.

Our Goals

  1. Assist St. Louis Parish and chapel communities in providing ministries and worship that are meaningful for the community.
  2. Assist Pastor in establishing Catholic Primary Schools to serve the children of the rural chapels.
  3. Help create and support agricultural programs that assist families economically and lead to self sufficiency.
  4. Help provide a variety of clean water systems to serve both small municipalities, individual families and schools.
  5. Support the parish ministries by collecting, shipping and distributing items requested.
  6. Develop relationships that mutually work at understanding and respecting cultural differences.
  7. Continue to support the projects of St. Louis Parish, Mirebalais, and chapel communities through fundraising efforts.

Our Parishes

Multiple parishes make up Hands and Hearts with Haiti

St. Matthew Catholic Community, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Pulaski, Wisconsin

Church of the Assumption, Broadview Hts, Ohio

St. Louis, King of France Parish, Mirebalais, Haiti
Chapel of Noyau
Chapel of Boyer

Coming soon—be able to click on each map to learn more about the parishes that are part of HHH.

Our Haitian Team

Click on each member’s photo to learn more about our team and their work in Haiti.

We proudly introduce Vivaldie Wilberthe Marseille, Community Development Manager, who joined us in 2020.