About our Partnership with Food for the Poor

Many of you have heard of the wonderful job Food for the Poor (FFP) did building our beautiful new school in Noyau. Our Lady of Deliverance School has so much to offer the students of the community to help them with their educational needs. However, did you know that HHH, St. Louis King of France Parish and the community of Noyau continue to partner with FFP? In addition to completing some follow up projects and providing cook stoves for the kitchen, FFP is undertaking a community assessment for Noyau to identify critical needs of the community and possible projects to address those needs.

From left to right: FFP Representative, Barth Wolf, Mary VanDenHeuval, Mary Jo Wolf, Fr. Romel, Lois Gracyalny, John Gracyalny, Golds Mithe Joseph

The goal of the FFP community assessment process is to identify projects that will help a community to become self-sufficient within 5 years. Very few communities have been selected for this process and this is a great opportunity for Noyau. A local leadership committee which includes community leaders and others from the community has been established to help identify community needs and possible projects, and will help ensure the proper implementation, monitoring, and sustainability of community actions. A management committee has also been established with Fr. Romel and other key leaders to reinforce the importance of the project to Noyau and the protect the materials allocated to the project.

Top Row:  Mary Jo and Barth Wolf
Bottom Row:  FFP Representative, Golds Mithe Joseph, Mary VanDenHeuval, Lois and John Gracyalny

Examples of projects undertaken at other communities include chicken coops, fish ponds, crops programs, beekeeping, woodworking, and sewing. FFP will work with HHH and other possible donors to fund these community projects with the goal that the community shares in the benefits of them such that they can become self-sufficient for all of their basic needs including food, water, shelter, and education. Progress has been slowed on this community assessment process due to the current unrest in Haiti, but we hope that it can continue full speed ahead soon. We will keep you informed of how HHH and its friends can help going forward.