Donations needed!

Starvation and COVID 19 has swept the country already ravaged by natural disasters and disease. Fr. Romel, the Pastor of Saint Louis Parish in Mirebalais, Haiti, sent us a brief update: Brothers and sisters,I want to greet you in the name of Christ our Lord! My parish, in Mirebalais, has a very large number of … [Read more…]

Letter from Fr. Romel

Good afternoon all! The COVID-19 is in Haiti since two days ago. Let us pray one for another.  The pandemic is real. We Christians have to pray that the Spirit of the Lord will accompany the health experts so that the effective medication to treat this generalized illness is quickly found.  In the Haitian church, … [Read more…]

Open letter from Fr. Romel

Open Letter to Hands and Hearts with Haiti for the understanding of the suffering of the people of Haiti and especially the population of Mirebalais! Dear all and partners! The Haitian people is suffering too hard.  If today you hear the call of God that has come to you through the cry of suffering of … [Read more…]

Amazing! Simply Amazing!

The children at Aldo Leopold

By┬áHilarie Rath Many people have asked about my recent trip to Haiti. I’ve found that my short answer is, “Amazing! Simply amazing!” Given that it is challenging to put many awe-inspiring moments in a nutshell, I’ll just share a vignette. My second trip to Haiti was grounded in the hope of developing cross-cultural understanding, especially … [Read more…]