Goat Production

History of the Goat Program

Members of the Chapel Communities and HHH formed a Goat Committee to address the purchase, raising, breeding and financial benefits of goat farming. We started by identifying five to seven leaders in each of the four chapel communities. Each leader was then given three female goats with access to a shared breeding male goat, a veterinary technician and education on proper goat management. In return, each leader is required to give six baby goats back to the committee for distribution to other community members, thus increasing the number of members participating, learning and building community with one another. At the present time, the cost of a female goat is about $45 and a large male breeding goat is about $200. It also costs $2,400 for a year of service by the veterinary technician. We are very pleased with the enthusiasm for the program.

Latest updates

December 2020 Goat Report

In addition to the monthly routine visits to the chapel communities involved in the goat program, Brevil made a few more visits related to health issues of the goats: two additional visits to take care of sick goats in Desvarieux, two additional visits in Noyau and one in Boyer for a special meeting with participants that are being reluctant to show up for their monthly goat meetings. Overall, the program is in good shape. Brevil will continue his efforts to maintain the success of the program in all four chapel communities and to also overcome difficulties related to
active participation of members in regards to monthly meetings and during inoculations of their goats.

Of note:

  • Noyau farmers have a total of 196 goats.
  • Boyer farmers have a total of 93 goats.
  • Desvarieux farmers have a total of 142 goats.
  • Feja farmers have a total of 59 goats.

November 2020 Goat Report

In November 2020, there were follow-up visits to the chapel communities. We discussed the necessity for the local committees of each group to run the program as a community business within their chapel community and beyond. The goat program is an effort on the part of the parish to assist the chapel communities economically, and beneficiaries were encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of the program in order to guarantee the ongoing success.

Current status of the program in the chapel communities:

Noyau: Farmers of the program have all together 198 goats
Boyer: The group of Boyer has in total 93 goats
Desvarieux: Farmers of Desvarieux have in total 142 goats
Feja: Total in the chapel community of Feja is 59

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