Donations needed!

Starvation and COVID 19 has swept the country already ravaged by natural disasters and disease. Fr. Romel, the Pastor of Saint Louis Parish in Mirebalais, Haiti, sent us a brief update: Brothers and sisters,I want to greet you in the name of Christ our Lord! My parish, in Mirebalais, has a very large number of faithful. However, most of them are poor people from neighboring villages in search of a better life. They are really people in great need. The current needs of my parish are,relating to the special challenges posed by COVID-19:

Feeding the most vulnerable families immediately.

Strengthen parish microcredit to give poor families the opportunity to take charge little by little. This need is fundamental because it will help poor families to live in dignity and to eat, one day, with the sweat of their brow.

Repair the church lighting system that is not working well at all.

Organize training sessions for members of our 13 groups.

Thank you everyone for your donations for these 4 current needs. Visit for more information. Thank You!!