Letter from Fr. Romel

Good afternoon all!

The COVID-19 is in Haiti since two days ago. Let us pray one for another.  The pandemic is real. We Christians have to pray that the Spirit of the Lord will accompany the health experts so that the effective medication to treat this generalized illness is quickly found. 

In the Haitian church, all the churches are closed. We priests have to celebrate mass alone and we do not have TV station in Mirebalais so our people can participate via tech. It is hard. Very hard. In the parish, we are having the Lent Conferences with great preachers came from other dioceses but tomorrow the 4th preacher will not come. Fortunately, we had the time to have 3 good conferences. 

 Let us live this time of trial and great sufferings in faith, prayer, solidarity, serenity, great calm and protective vigilance.

Sincerely in Christ,

 Fr. Romel