Open letter from Fr. Romel

Open Letter to Hands and Hearts with Haiti for the understanding of the suffering of the people of Haiti and especially the population of Mirebalais!

Dear all and partners!

The Haitian people is suffering too hard.  If today you hear the call of God that has come to you through the cry of suffering of the inhabitants of Mirebalais, do not close your ears and your hearts.

The situation is serious. The news is not enough to give an account of what is happening across the country in terms of lack of food, clean water, violence, stress, fear, discouragement, exploitation of the poor, corruption, general shortage. You have to be there and to see the people and the situation in fact in front of you.

Haiti is facing the most difficult days of its existence. For about 11 weeks the country is locked. A large portion of the population are organizing demonstrations across the streets because they want to put an end to misery. Mirebalais, following previous problems with the president of the republic, turns out to be the main zone of resistance. Their point of reference and their symbolic place is: “Lakou Dubay”.

Whether in the city center or in the chapels: Noyeau and Boyer, the situation is critical but we still manage to celebrate the Mass and give hope to the population we serve. The work of Golds Mithe and Jean Mauricette is of paramount importance. Thanks to the women’s support and youth support program and thanks to the program of goats the people of the chapels manage to survive. Now because of the current situation the people need more help from you. Try to understand what to do. Being on the ground, I want to make you aware of the urgency of the misery situation of the people of my parish and the whole commune of Mirebalais. We have to do something. I propose the direct support of some very vulnerable families. I propose to act through the Gift of the heart. I propose the fortification of the families of the city by microcredit Saint Louis.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for understanding the inhuman situation of life of the population of the whole country and particularly of Mirebalais.


Curate of Mirebalais