Student Partnership

February 2022 EXCITING NEWS!!! HHH is developing a partnership among our parish schools in Haiti, Ohio, and Wisconsin. We look forward to building relationships and friendships, learning from each other and becoming global citizens. Our current school committee members include: Fr. Eustace Romel, Fr. Edius Servil, Fr. Woodnel Georges, Golds Mithe Joseph Grandoit, Vivaldie Marseille, Tricia Hyland and Kay Franz. We are grateful for their willingness to share their time and talents with this initiative. Please visit the Member Reflections tab for more details on the committee members and the schools.

JUST THE BEGINNING: St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy in Ohio raised funds via a “penny war” and held a shoe drive to donate to the schoolchildren at Our Lady of Deliverance.  The 3rd grade class shared a video of themselves singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas in Kreyòl.

Students from Fr. Allouez Catholic School knit hats to raise funds for HHH
Fr. Allouez Catholic Schools in Green Bay students are knitting and selling winter hats “Hats for Haiti” to raise funds. Hats can be purchased at St. Matthew’s Church. Plans are in place to translate school prayers to Kreyòl to learn and share.