Teacher Certification

If you attend school in Haiti, you can teach grades up to the level you attained.  Therefore if someone attended school up to through the fourth grade, s/he can teach 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th grade without having any teacher training.  Since our goal is to support quality education at Monsignor Remy Augustin High School and Our Lady of Deliverance grade school, HHH has provided scholarships for three students selected by Father Romel to attend the normal school.  After three years they will graduate with their Teacher certification and return to teach in Father Romel’s parish schools.  This fall our scholarship  students will enter their final year and are looking forward to graduating in the spring.  The following letter is from one of the students to our HHH donors:

Dear Donor,

The words in my heart are not sufficient for all you have done for me.  Education is the key that opens all doors.  It is with this objective that I would like to personally thank you for guiding me towards the path of education – the most powerful weapon there is.  Despite all the inconveniences (Covid 19, insecurity, etc…) all ended perfectly.  In conclusion, I will continue to pray to God in his infinite love, so that He will bless and protect you.

“A simple one who has no great riches.”   Merci!!!

Josue Papouloute