The Chance in Haiti

Dear compatriots, dear friends from all over, good men and women of the Earth,

There is a situation of dependence, misery, social injustice, violence that has plagued Haiti for several years and it has worsened in recent months.  The unbridled struggle for power and the illicit enjoyment of the country’s goods and wealth are causing much discontent on the part of our wise fellow citizens.  For about a year now, we have been spinning in the vicious circle of this increased violence that gave birth to the federated gangs.  The insecurity situation has swept away major figures and cadres in the country.  Eventually one of the victims is the president himself.

The country is in turmoil and I find that one is not taking the right path to get out of it.  The sprinkling solutions currently being considered will feed it more.  All the options across the board will only lead to the regeneration of this death system.  We have an opportunity to get out of this, but this is not what those who want a solution that is too quick, easy and non-patriotic, especially the international community and power-hungry politicians, want.

What I am proposing myself is a political halt, a consensus to save the country and the nation by putting the country back in the hands of a group of patriotic scientists with no political ambitions but who want to get the country out of the abyss.  We have these people who are in Haiti and abroad (cf GRAHN Monde) and who have already thought about re-founding our nation.  They already have proposals and plans for a way out of the crisis, but Haitian politicians and the international community seem to be ignoring them.  If a good and difficult decision is not made to hand over the country to these patriotic scientists (Professor Carlo Prévil of UQAM and ISTEAH would chair this team) for a period of 3 years with the noble mission, a sheet of  to bring order to the public administration, to put an end to corruption, to strengthen institutions, especially the judiciary, to restore state authority, to organize the national conference  desired by all Haitians for the whole country to decide the future (conference of 250 delegates: 1 representative from each commune, representatives of the opposition, the ruling party, the political parties, the business world, the  youth, women, churches, voodoo and other sectors …), to endow the country with a new very objective constitution reflecting the good management of modern, democratic states and a permanent electoral council and finally  organize, at the end  of these 3 years, elections to hand over the reindeer of the Nation to qualified and suitable politicians, it’s over for Haiti.  After 100 years the new generation will be in the same situation of uncertainty we are currently in.  It means going into the vicious circle of misery, insecurity and violence due to social injustice and impunity.

I wish better days for my dear homeland and for every Haitian.  This Kairos will only come about through this consensus and the selfless spirit of our politicians and our foreign partners, especially the United Nations and the OAS.

Let’s give chance to Haiti, our alma mater, our common heritage, the land of free men and women, the pearl of the West Indies!

May God watch over Haiti!

Father Romel Eustache