December 2020 Goat Report

In addition to the monthly routine visits to the chapel communities involved in the goat program, Brevil made a few more visits related to health issues of the goats: two additional visits to take care of sick goats in Desvarieux, two additional visits in Noyau and one in Boyer for a special meeting with participants … [Read more…]

November 2020 Goat Report

In November 2020, there were follow-up visits to the chapel communities. We discussed the necessity for the local committees of each group to run the program as a community business within their chapel community and beyond. The goat program is an effort on the part of the parish to assist the chapel communities economically, and … [Read more…]

August 2020 Goat Report

This month in Haiti: There were four emergency visits to Feja. Some of their goats had severe diarrhea. Open discussions occurred with goat farmers on best practices to feed their goats when food is less available   Goat farmers were reminded of the importance of goat shelter especially during the rainy season. We discussed with … [Read more…]

June 2020 Goat Report

This month we visited with all goat farmers of the program in their respective communities. We worked on recruitment of new members, the payback process and addressed participants who have finished paying their debt towards the program. Medication for goats was provided in the communities of Desvarieux and Boyer. Most participants contributed a small fee … [Read more…]

May 2020 Goat Report

Follow up visits occurred with goat farmers of the program in their respective communities, while following the preventive recommendations against COVID-19. We continue to regroup farmers in small groups of less than 10 people at different locations within their community so that we can do our job. Some participants are still reluctant to come to … [Read more…]

March/April 2020 Goat Report

Goat activities for the second half of March 2020, were significantly slowed down by the coronavirus. We begin our quarterly vaccination campaign on February 15th 2020 for the goats. We did cover three out of the five villages that we serve: Desvarieux, Noyau and Feja, until we were forced us to stop visiting with our … [Read more…]

January 2020 Goat Report

On January 31st we gathered in the parish hall of Saint Louis Parish of Mirebalais to celebrate with beneficiaries of the goat program that HHH has established in the parish of Saint Louis of Mirebalais. During this year-end activity, participants of all five chapel communities involved in the program, a total of 156 participants, got … [Read more…]

September 2019 Goat Report

Follow up visits were made to the communities of Desvarieux and Boyer. We could not visit the other three chapel communities (Feja, Coupe Gorge, and Noyau) due to political turmoil all over the country. In addition to the current gas shortage, the opposition puts a lot of people out in the streets to protest against … [Read more…]

July 2019 Goat Report

The program is doing well in all of the five chapel areas. There are no serious issues to worry about however, four of the chapel communities missed their vaccination for this period because of other commitments. Vaccinations are rescheduled for these areas this July. Numbers remain the same as last month; no loss of goats, … [Read more…]

June 2019 Goat Report

This month we made follow-up visits to all five chapel communities involved in the program. We reminded participants about the necessity to keep the goats out of the rain and to place enough feed inside the shelters for them. Goats have to be placed inside in the early afternoon to avoid the rain. Another discussion … [Read more…]